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13 August 2006 @ 08:45 pm
Episode Three  
And Episode Three, "The Fight" is finished!  

Many thanks to the wonderful catyuy and edders for betaing, suggestions, and late-night brainstorming-sessions.

The Fight
The Doctor managed to stare gravely at Jack for a full ten seconds before he burst out laughing.
Jack, somewhat peeved, glared down at the hysterical doctor, steadfastly ignoring the amused look from the Prime Minister and Gwen’s frown.
"Sorry," The Doctor gasped at last, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "I think you were saying something about getting answers out of me one way or another?"
"Glad you find my threat amusing." Jack replied dryly.
"Threat." The Doctor snorted. "Jack, really. I haven’t changed that much since my regeneration. Well, that’s not accurate, I suppose. I have changed quite a bit, haven’t I? But do you really think you could force me into telling you anything I didn’t want to?" He clicked his tongue. "Please. Don’t make me laugh, Jack."
"You’re the only one who seems to think that this is funny, Doctor." Jack snapped." I don’t think you get it. You are a prisoner of Torchwood. I am the head of the Cardiff branch of Torchwood. Which makes you my prisoner. So I’m only gonna ask this one more time."
By now Jack’s voice had risen almost to where he was shouting, glaring down aat the seated Doctor.
"What. Happened. At. The. Tower?!"
But by this time Jack wasn’t the only one who was angry.
"You. Don’t. Need. To. Know!" The Doctor shouted in reply, standing up to look into Jack’s eyes, his fists clenching at his sides. Jack was taken aback slightly.
That was a reaction he would’ve expected from the old Doctor, maybe; this new version seemed far more affable and laid back. But, apparently, when angry, this Doctor was just as frightening.
There was an undercurrent to his anger, though. Something cold. Fear or regret or maybe both, Jack wasn’t sure.
But he was going to find out.
He turned coldly away from the doctor. "Oh, fine then." He snapped. "Do what you always do. Just show up, screw around with everyone lives, leave devastation in your wake, like you always do, and don’t even bother letting us know what happened. Because, hey, we’re just stupid apes, right? You can’t be bothered with actually telling us anything!"
“Jack,” Gwen said warningly, wary of the level of emotion he was displaying. She’d never seen him this angry. If he couldn’t be objective while interrogating the Doctor, she didn’t think it was a good idea to let this go on, but Harriet put a hand on the younger woman’s arm.
“Just wait .” She said quietly.
Gwen frowned and decided to let it go, for the moment.
"That’s not fair, Jack" The Doctor protested, but Jack wasn’t finished.
"You want to know what’s not fair? I’ll tell you what’s not fair!" You running rampant through the universe, the self-proclaimed savior of mankind, dragging innocent bystanders along into your wake, that’s not fair. You use innocent people to further your own ends and if they get killed in the process then that’s just too bad! You’re an almightily Time-Lord, you can do whatever you damn well please!"
"I do not use people!" The Doctor replied, sharply.
"Don’t you?!" Jack demanded. "Seems to me like that’s all you ever do. You keep people until they no loner suit your purposes, and then you leave them behind without a second thought, just like you left me! If that’s not using people, what the hell is?”
"If people helped me, it’s because they choose to!" The Doctor snapped, leaning across the table to stare at Jack. "You don’t know anything, Jack.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s right, because I’m just a human, and I can’t possibly know anything about what it’s like to have all those people dying because I dragged them into situations they couldn’t understand!”
The Doctor was silent for a long moment. When he finally spoke, his voice was low and dangerous and his eyes when he looked up at Jack were smoldering with rage.
“I can’t fall asleep at night without hearing the screams of those who I couldn’t or didn’t dare save. Don’t you ever try to try to tell what I do, or do not understand. I may convince people to follow me, to help me, yes. I won’t apologize for it. If they died, they died helping to create something better. They died better people."
Jack sneered contemptuously at the Doctor.
"What about Rose, did she die a better person?"
The Doctor’s eyes snapped with anger and for a split second, Jack thought that the Doctor was going to hit him. Instead he slammed his fist hard against the metal table with enough force to dent it. 
The guards at the door moved as if to restrain him, but Gwen motioned them back, staring intently at the Doctor and Jack. There was definitely something deeper going on here, something that went beyond a simple interrogation.  She wanted to see how it would play out.
The Doctor stared angrily at Jack, eyes snapping, his breath coming hard and furious. Then, slowly, the Doctor seemed to get control of himself.
"How dare you?" He whispered, dangerously, his fists clenching at his side.
"It’s true, isn’t it?" Jack shot back, coldly. "You left her to die."
"Rose isn't dead!" The Doctor shouted, his voice seething with an anger and grief that Jack could almost feel. As suddenly as it had arrived, his anger was gone, and the Doctor slumped back down into his seat, looking defeated. "It feels like part of me is, though." He whispered.
Jack stared down at the Doctor. "Just…tell me what happened." Jack said cautiously. Then, quietly, after a few seconds, “Please.”
The Doctor took a deep breath, then spoke in a dull voice, as if reciting something from memory. "There was a tear, a rip between this universe and another very similar to it. It was torn open, and this world was the epicenter. Some time ago, Daleks sent a void ship to this world, and it opened. I had to close the void. I wanted Rose to stay in the alternate world where she’d be safe, but…” the Doctor gave a shuddering laugh. “She wasn’t having it. She stayed to help me, said she didn’t care about the risks.” The Doctor paused here, like he was reliving difficult memories. And because of that she almost died. She was so close to being trapped in the void. Her father from the parallel world saved her at the last minute, but the portal between the universes closed. I can’t open it again." He stared hopelessly up at Jack, and his voice cracked as he continued on. "She’s trapped there. She’s with her family. She’s safe. But I can’t ever see her again."
And Jack could do nothing but watch helplessly as the Doctor put his head in his hands and began to cry.
Jack felt a lump in his throat, but he couldn’t bring himself to go to the Doctor.
Gwen, however, had had quite enough. 
“Oh, for God’s sake, Jack. You’re being an ass.”
Shouldering Jack aside, she knelt by the Doctor’s chair, placing one hand on his shoulder and shooting Jack a glare that made him wince. He was being an ass.
“Hey. It’s okay…” Gwen began awkwardly, but before she could get any further, Dr. Sato burst through the door.
“Gwen, Jack sorry to interrupt but you’re needed immediately.” She said urgently, out of breath like she’d run all the way there. “The rift’s become active again.”

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anna_lunaanna_luna on August 14th, 2006 03:04 am (UTC)
:D Oh Jack, you're being an ass, but we love you anyway. And I can just see Gwen glaring at him. Very good chapter!
"compelled" by danger: DW: polaroidgem_stew on August 20th, 2006 05:28 pm (UTC)
Love. It.

I love when you discover something that's already got the next part written - instant gratification , is my favourite kind.
*runs off to read episode 4*